Kaveesh Mital


Hello, my name is Kaveesh. I am 9 years old and I live in the US. My name is in the Indian origin and is another name of Ganesh, the elephant God who is the remover of obstacles.The literal meaning of my name means "poet".My passion is reading,gaming,coding,art and music.

I love to code on Roblox,HTML,Python, and Scratch so check out my Projects tab.I really love to learn and when I learn music it is so beautiful. I am learning piano and violin which are my favorite string instruments. I also love to spend my time drawing and painting so you can find art in the Projects tab.Check out my youtube channel by clicking on the Subscribe button.Hope you enjoy!


Me and my brother

In this picture me and my brother are standing in the place where we pray. This is in my house.

I solved one side of a cube

In this picture I am showing you that I solved one side of a rubix cube. I solved the red side of the cube.I am in my car.